About Emma 

I am so blessed to KNOW what I am here to do – to help women get their Mojo back and to help mums raise incredibly vibrant and healthy children.

Since qualifying as a naturopath in 2004, I have experienced so many things. Like you, I have been through health challenges. Mine were mainly triggered by becoming a mum as my venture into motherhood went quite pear shaped.

Although I experienced an easy conception and wonderful pregnancy, the rest was the opposite – a breech baby, unintended C section, an inability to breastfeed, a severe reflux baby, followed by complete hormone debilitation.

My hormone levels were so low my blood tests showed I was menopausal and the hot flushes and bone aching fatigue were debilitating. But as a single mum without much help, I couldn’t simply push the stop button.

The resulting stress caused terrible gut issues, leading me to the brink of coeliac disease with test results showing my immune system was going crazy, and my gut was severely inflamed.

My daughter had a Strep gut, food intolerances and was highly reactive to chemicals.

Something had to change – and it took 3 years of consistent naturopathic support to get both Sophia and my health back on track.

What I have learnt along the way is a protocol I now call the Studio You Method, which provides the foundation for good health. Without covering these five foundational pillars, optimal health and vitality is impossible.

I look forward to sharing these with you soon and seeing you at Studio You!


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