Holistic Beauty Therapy

Introducing Holistic Beauty Therapy

Annamaria is an award-winning Beauty Therapist and Naturopath who is passionate about treating and nurturing skin. Over 20 years of experience gives her an incredible depth of knowledge to analyse and diagnose your skin. She then formulates an organic skin regime that is custom tailored to suit your needs.

Here at Studio You we invite you to enter a sanctuary, which blends nature and science, to enhance your natural beauty. Naturopathic holistic beauty therapy is a far more comprehensive approach to healthy skin as it focuses on creating balance both internally and externally.

If you are struggling with:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Blocked pores
  • Dull skin

Then our holistic beauty services are just what you need!

Annamaria has a gift of uncovering the root cause of your skin’s dysfunction – whether it’s food allergies, gut health, hormones, stress or toxins. She will guide you to achieve radiant skin by analysing your skin, giving you specific nutritional advice, customising an organic skincare regime and prescribing supplements & herbal blends. At Studio You we only recommend skincare and body care which is free from harmful chemicals.

✗ what you won’t find at studio you holistic beauty services


  • False anything – Annamaria only practices and believes in natural beauty methods and is here to make you feel beautiful naturally.
  • No toxins – Annamaria has sourced all facial ingredients to be 100% organic and natural.
  • No nasty ingredients – we do not use products containing parabens, phthalates Sodium Laurel Sulphate, formaldehyde, foaming cleansers


✔ what you will find at studio you holistic beauty services


  • A therapist with the goddess touch!
  • A place to let go and relax
  • Naturopathic Organic facial and back treatments conducted by an award-winning beauty therapist with a heart of gold.

Holistic naturopathic beauty therapy treatment menu

options for skin support

Here at Studio You Holistic Beauty services, we have two options for you:

  1. Stand alone facials (see menu below)
  2. Facials combined with Naturopathic treatment


Naturopathic Initial Skin Consultation

60 minutes – $155

If you are having skin issues such as roseacea, psoriasis, eczema or acne, Annamaria advises you to book an Initial Naturopathic Skin consultation.

Unresolved and challenging skin issues often require internal work such as optimising your gut health or supporting your hormones.

This consultation involves reviewing your medical history, conducting a complete evaluation of your current health status along with an in-depth skin diagnosis. Sometimes Annamaria may order functional medicine tests to gain greater clarity why you are experiencing your skin condition.

In this appointment, Annamaria is able to help you by prescribing the appropriate herbs and supplements to support your condition.

Naturopathic Follow up Skin Consultation

40 minutes – $89

In this consult Annamaria will review your skin’s needs to see how your naturopathic treatment protocol is going.


Each facial begins with a relaxing and soothing foot compress to centre and ground you. Annamaria will perform your in depth physical skin diagnosis, followed by a sensory journey of choosing the crystal infused oils and ingredients that are used in your facial. Bush flower remedies are used to relax the mind & body and to soothe the spirit.

This involves:

    • Cleansing
    • A thorough exfoliation
    • Aromatherapy scented hot towels
    • A luxurious massage of your décolletage, neck, arms shoulders and face
    • A mask
    • The correct moisturiser for your skin

    You will float on a beautiful cloud as you leave, feeling relaxed, beautiful and very pampered. Annamaria creates and holds space for you to let go and deeply relax.


Smooth Back Facial 45 minutes - $130
This luxurious treatment involves a skin evaluation, cleansing, and exfoliation with a coconut sugar scrub, an aromatherapy massage and to finish, a mask while you float off into bliss. Perfect for when you want the skin on your back to glow.

BEST FOR – brides, for that night out, the day before tanning

Organic Glow Facial - 60 minutes - $175
Bring your skin back to life with a radiant glow and be prepared for your skin to not only look incredible but also feel beautiful! This is our signature facial that will bring your skin back to equilibrium.

BEST FOR – that monthly check in to keep your skin looking its best

Organic Illumination Facial - 75 minutes - $195
Bring vitality back to your skin with our Illumination facial, which entails helping you to completely relax. This rhythmic facial stimulates the lymphatic system and helps to drain toxins and increase blood flow to the surface of your skin.

BEST FOR – Puffy dark circles, sluggish skin, or if your skin needs extra help as it ages

The Goddess Facial - 90 minutes- $230
In this sensual facial you will be massaged from your head to your toes. Our rose quartz rollers and textured jade rollers stimulate collagen production. Lymphatic draining helps to remove toxins and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, leaving your face looking refreshed and plump. This is the kind of facial that leaves you in no state to do anything after but to lie on the couch.

BEST FOR – women who love to indulge, those that haven’t had a facial in more than 12 months or you have a big event coming up.

Mamma Goddess Facial - 75 minutes - $195
The facial to choose for expectant mothers to be. All ingredients, oils and flower essences used in this facial are 100% safe for pregnancy. Our beds are adjustable so we can make the experience extremely comfortable for you.

BEST FOR – mamma’s who want to look and feel their best (before and after babies)

Young Skin Facial 60 minutes - $150
This Facial is an education on how to look after your skin During this facial Annamaria will ask a lot of questions and then educate – how to clean the skin, optimal skin-friendly diet, what to do when pimples happen, and how to look after the skin on an everyday basis.

BEST FOR – pubescent skins ages 10- 18

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