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Free Drop in Baby Clinic

Are you feeling confused about how often you should be feeding your baby?

Do you want to learn what foods are best to promote breast milk supply and which foods should be avoided?

Are you confused by the plethora of formula options, we can decipher it for you!

Colicky baby? – Find out simple ways that you can provide relief through diet, nutrition and lifestyle tips

Starting solids? With so much confusion about when to start, it’s important to understand that every baby is different. Pop in and discuss how and when to start solids with baby.

Becoming a mum for the first time (or the 3rd time!) can be overwhelming, confusing and layered with equal parts love, doubt and guilt. During this post natal period, you will be bombarded with advice…from everyone and everywhere, so how do you know what advice you should follow? Studio You’s Drop In Baby Clinic is designed to provide you with quick, precise and professional advice from our resident paediatric Naturopath (and mum) Kelly Gibson. 

Kelly knows first hand the emotional rollercoaster that motherhood can bring. After dealing with fertility issues for many years, Kelly gave birth to a beautiful girl on New Years Eve 2015. Eleven months later, she was diagnosed with PND. Through her challenges, Kelly has become a compassionate, experienced Naturopath and approaches all her clients with warmth, empathy and a non judgemental attitude.

Our baby clinic is suitable from birth until 18months of age. We often have children up to the age of two popping in though. 

If you have a burning question or just want to show off your adorable bundle then pop in for a chat every 2nd Saturday’s between 2-3pm.

Dates the Baby Clinic is Open:

January 27th

February 24th

March 24th

April 21st


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