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Family-Friendly Keto Meal Plan 

By Studio You Nutritionist, Sonya Reynolds

Thanks for leaning in closer! There is a lot of misinformation and overwhelm in relation to the Ketogenic Diet.

I have extensive personal and clinical experience using a low carbohydrate, high fat style of eating and I know I can provide insights that perhaps other practitioners may not be able to provide.

When we first undertook Keto for my daughter’s epilepsy, it was such a foreign concept and there weren’t a lot of resources around for family’s.

Now, thanks to celebrity chef endorsements and the promise of weight loss, more Mums are wanting to use a keto style of eating for themselves. But they don’t want to have to make multiple meals for fussy eaters or feel like they are doing the wrong thing for their child’s health by limiting carbohydrates.

As a result of all of these questions, I decided to create a FREE downloadable e-book!

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Keto meal plan

Inside you’ll get:


  • the basics of Keto
  • how you can adapt current family favourites to more keto friendly options
  • Lists of carbohydrates and fats most suitable to low carbohydrate, high fat eating
  • Sample breakfasts, lunches and dinners AND snacks
  • Sample day in the life of Keto friendly eating
  • PLUS!  How to add in carbohydrates for kids as it’s my belief, that unless a child needs to restrict their carbohydrates (such as a Ketogenic diet for epilepsy), then they should be eating good quality carbohydrates.
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