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  • Passionate about: the environment and reducing waste, healthy uncomplicated food
  • Favourite quote: ‘Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it’s not the end’!
  • Favourite Poem: Desiderata
  • Childhood dream: To be a writer or tap dancer



Sonya is a passionate Nutritionist, life coach and Mum of 2 girls. Sonya has extensive experience in the natural health industry with over 10 years in different roles which have included clinical practice, sales and customer service as well as a Senior Educator at one of Australia’s leading supplement companies.

Her interest in Nutrition was sparked by a deep desire to help people heal themselves. She  found working in Nutrition and seeing the changes in others very satisfying.

Unbeknown to Sonya, her knowledge and experience in Nutrition would become the key to healing her family, when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with a sudden onset, rare and aggressive epilepsy at age 3½.

Prior to that her daughter was reaching all of her milestones and then their lives were transformed with endless hospital visits, medications and fear for her child’s well being.

Drawing on her skills and a deep understanding of the body, Sonya was able to make changes that changed her daughter’s life. These included diet and supplements alongside conventional medicine. Slowly but surely their daughter came back to them. She went from being non-verbal and in nappies at aged 5, to now attending a main stream school with a full time aide.

Sonya can support a family through the overwhelming experience of managing a chronic health condition and has helped many families use both food as well as vitamins and minerals as therapy to obtain a better quality of life and well being for their child. She has personal knowledge and experience of the Ketogenic and modified Atkins diet for Epilepsy.

Whilst helping families, Sonya found herself wanting to help the parents of children with additional needs more closely and decided to add a Life coaching qualification to her existing skills. She works one on one with women who feel they are no longer a priority in their own life and helps them to achieve goals that they may have put aside while focusing on their family.

Sonya has a special interest in detoxification, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders and working with children with additional needs such as Epilepsy.

If you want to read more about Sonya’s expertise in Epilepsy, listen to her popular podcast and blog post. 


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