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Androgen Deficiency – One for the Men!

It’s time for me to write about men’s stuff – I must apologise, as I tend to overlook the blokes in my business to help women! I am seeing more and more men in clinic with undiagnosed androgen deficiency, which affects about one in 200 men under 60 years of age....

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Men’s Health Week 2018

June 1st kicks off Men’s Health Month, to bring awareness to the challenges men face in life. Men on average have shorter life spans than women, as women are more likely to visit their doctor regularly. The purpose of International Men’s Health Week is to heighten...

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Is Your Tupperware Container Giving You Hell?

After attending a seminar on Female Hormonal Disorders I delved into the current research into plastics and the chemicals found in them.  The World Health Organisation calls them endocrine-disrupting chemicals and in 2012 stated “disease risk from EDC’s may be...

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Research shows Chemicals cause Early Menopause

An endocrine disrupting chemical is a chemical found outside the body that mimics or alters the endocrine (hormone) system and causes health problems in a person, their offspring and even future generations. Endocrine disrupters exert their effect at levels far below...

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How Does your Weight Weigh up on the Fertility Scale?

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight range, and fall pregnant? Many women are either over or under weight while planning for pregnancy. Maintaining your weight within a healthy range optimizes your chance of successful conception. Being overweight or being...

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Do you Want To Know How to Eat for Endometriosis?

Do you experience: Moderate to severe pelvic pain? Cramping that begins before your period and is associated with lower back pain and abdominal pain? Pain during intercourse, bowel movements or urination? Infertility or delayed conception? These are all symptoms of...

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