Our Naturopath Story – About Studio You

Studio You was founded on the collaborative desire to help women and children with naturopathy, nutrition, and evidence-based medicine provided by Emma Sutherland, a highly experienced naturopath, nutritionist, author and speaker, as well as the wider Studio You team. Emma is multi-faceted naturopathic practitioner with a vast array of both clinical and business skills.  A little energiser bunny, she lives by the motto “be what you love, do what you love”.

Emma believes every woman has the right to live a life filled with Mojo, to have that bounce in their step which comes from feeling strong, well and healthy. She has honed her craft and continues to update her knowledge constantly, looking for new ways to present that knowledge, be it at Studio You, an online program, through the media, a speaking event, or health retreats.

A huge passion is found in Emma’s love of mentoring and supporting other practitioners. Her team aims to provide clients with true collaborative care, and both educate and inspire women to exceptional health.

we have two areas of speciality

Women’s health – Including, but not limited to, hormone imbalances, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, thyroid issues, weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, adrenal depletion, nutrition, body composition, menopause, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and anything else that may affect a woman throughout her lifetime.

Paediatrics – It’s no secret, we love babies and children to the moon and back! We can help your little one with poor immunity, gut issues such as reflux, constipation, food intolerances, eczema, and anything else that affects them. Our kids health services treat children of all ages and sizes, and we love them all equally!

With our exceptional team of industry game changers, we can help you and your family (including men!) find long lasting and exceptional health.

Our Philosophy

Mission – Studio You is a cutting edge resource for the woman who takes a healthy interest in her well-being, inside and out.

Vision – To be Australia’s leading functional medicine clinic, specialising in:

  • Client experiences that are empowering and hugely positive
  • Co-creating practitioner growth and excellence
  • Exceptional client education


Passion & Fun – We love what we do, and we have fun doing it. Whether it’s homeopathy, naturopath services, or meditation, we’ll have a smile on our faces!

Team – We value commitment, honesty, resilience and effective communication. We embrace you as part of our tribe.

Solution Focused – We are curious, critical thinkers who find solutions to your problems.

Learning – By constantly searching for ways to increase our knowledge base, we can serve your needs more effectively.

Lead the way – As a think tank of industry game changers, we set the standard for others to follow. Using both evidence based medicine and empirical knowledge, we partner with other industry leaders to provide you with exceptional care

    Best Naturopathy in Sydney
    Emma was an absolute godsend after months of ineffective medical treatment for a nasty parasite and stomach infection that I contracted whilst travelling. She is incredibly ge...
    Mecki Dent
    I’ve had low energy and poor digestion for so long it just felt normal. I’d known Emma for years and trusted her level of expertise would help me finally get to the bottom...
    Joanna Mitchell
    Before working with Emma I was mentally and physically exhausted… I was eating healthy food the majority of the time, but was working too much, was stressed out and kept ge...
    Shandra M
    I first saw Emma for fertility and hormonal imbalances. She helped me through my pregnancy, supporting my nutrition and after having an amazing natural birth and very healthy ...
    Marissa Mills
    Emma is always warm and approachable, and listens intently to your situation. She asks astute questions to clarify and then finds natural solutions to heal and improve. She ha...
    Sonja Ginter
    Emma helped change my life – literally. I went to Emma after three years of no luck with Dr’s and specialists trying to work out what was wrong with me. My family even tho...
    Anne Egan
    Emma has opened my eyes to how my body works and what it’s weaknesses are. With her help I am feeling a bit more in control of my body and life. There is still a long way to...
    Georgia Donovan
    Brenton and I have been in treatment for SIBO with Emma Sutherland. We both contracted SIBO overseas after ongoing dysbiosis and parasite problems. We looked malnourished, wer...
    Monique Lyle
    Emma has been treating me for a couple of years now and I am overjoyed that I found her. She has been helping me with my stress and hormonal imbalances. Emma’s extensive kno...
    Aphrodite Ioannou

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