As the leading naturopath Sydney women trust, we want to improve the health of our clients, but more than that, we advocate for a greater focus on women’s and children’s health Australia-wide. Our dedicated and professional staff at Studio You are industry leaders in the field of alternative medicine and are often looked upon to provide help and advice across a variety of health issues. Whether it’s through radio, magazines or newspapers, we love to share information to help all types of people find their optimal health.

Studio You has been built on the empowerment of women and children, not simply monitoring but actively boosting their health. We focus on a holistic approach to wellbeing that is based on the use of nature medicine remedies, scientific testing, and clinically proven methods. We use our decades of combined experience to help influence, not only our clients, but people from all walks of life.

As experts in the fields of naturopathy, nutrition and functional medicine, we have been asked to consult on a wide range of issues and offer our insights to the media. We believe it’s important to ensure everyone has access, no matter what their circumstances, to natural health advice that will help them in their day to day lives.

Challenging subjects, such as those involving depression and anxiety, or nutritional and lifestyle advice for new mothers, are celebrated by us with our belief that lasting natural health solutions are never out of reach. Our opinions on naturopathic trends, as well as common myths, have featured prominently in Australian media. With the aim of increasing knowledge and awareness we have worked with exceptional brands including Marie Claire, Cosmo and The Sydney Morning Herald who, as leaders in their industry, have allowed us to continue our advocacy for women’s health and reach as many readers as possible.

At Studio You we truly care about your health, and how we as a business can have an impact on it. We are grateful to have been blessed with happy, healthy lives and believe it is our duty to spread how natural health and nutrition can be used to enrich the lives of women everywhere.

The leading naturopath Sydney can believe in, for more information on our vision and mission as seen in recent media, see below.

And so it was somewhat of a selfish endeavour that I reached out to top Sydney naturopath Emma Sutherland (of Studio You), to find out her top wellness hacks for new mothers. Emma has shared her tips on how we can easily optimise our diets for maximum wellness and vitality. Read on for Emma’s tips to stay in top health when you’re too busy keeping the small humans in your life alive.


– The Grace Tales – Health Hacks for New Mothers

One in six couples have difficulty conceiving. Here, we ask the experts to bust common myths and reveal their tips and tricks to conceiving – naturally

– Maybe Baby – Marie Claire

Research shows cranberry juice isn’t a cure, but here are things that can help.

– Never Get a UTI Again – Cosmo, Body Love

Many health issues are so constant we forget they’re even there. Ultimately, however, they impact upon the quality of our life and we can’t feel and function at our optimum. Rest easy, there is help at hand.

Silent Suffering – MiNDFOOD

At my clinic, I get lots of questions from mums about how they can boost their energy levels and find their Mojo again. It can be so easy to fall into a rut and feel like your full time job is to look after your children, but my best piece of advice is to make sure you take some time to nurture yourself.  Read ahead for my top 7 tips to boost your Mummy Mojo.

7 Top Tips for Regaining Your Mummy Mojo 


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