Cook healthy meals for your family, without the stress!

We all want to be healthy, and while our practitioners may have given you specific dietary recommendations we also know that it’s not always easy to pull off.

Whether you are juggling full time work and kids, are single or simply too time poor to plan and find yummy recipes, we have found a healthy meal planner solution you will love!

REAL PLANS makes healthy meal planning doable, easy, flexible, and life-changing!

Thanks to REAL PLANS:

  • I’m spending just 10 minutes a week creating my meal plan and shopping list
  • I’m preparing seasonal ingredients for each meal
  • I’m using all the ingredients I buy
  • I’m left with plenty of leftovers to make extra meals

Watch this video to learn more >>>


What you get with REAL PLANS

  • Customized meal plans for your unique diet
  • Nutrition data for your meals 
  • 1,500 recipes from your favourite bloggers 
  • The free mobile app – access your meal plans and shopping list at the store
  • 24/7 support from the Real Plans Team


To break it down, each week you:

  • Choose what you want to eat from the Real Plans recipe database.
  • Review your shopping list, removing the ingredients you already have on hand.
  • Print, email or sync your shopping list with your smart-phone.
  • Shop quickly and efficiently!
  • Follow your weekly timeline to find out when to defrost, chop and reheat.
  • Eat good food every day.


  • Click the button below
  • Select the Annual Billing option for the lowest monthly price of just $6
  • Download the free mobile app for iPhone or Android (search Real Plans in App store)
Emma was an absolute godsend after months of ineffective medical treatment for a nasty parasite and stomach infection that I contracted whilst travelling. She is incredibly ge...
Mecki Dent
I’ve had low energy and poor digestion for so long it just felt normal. I’d known Emma for years and trusted her level of expertise would help me finally get to the bottom...
Joanna Mitchell
Before working with Emma I was mentally and physically exhausted… I was eating healthy food the majority of the time, but was working too much, was stressed out and kept ge...
Shandra M
I first saw Emma for fertility and hormonal imbalances. She helped me through my pregnancy, supporting my nutrition and after having an amazing natural birth and very healthy ...
Marissa Mills
Emma is always warm and approachable, and listens intently to your situation. She asks astute questions to clarify and then finds natural solutions to heal and improve. She ha...
Sonja Ginter
Emma helped change my life – literally. I went to Emma after three years of no luck with Dr’s and specialists trying to work out what was wrong with me. My family even tho...
Anne Egan
Emma has opened my eyes to how my body works and what it’s weaknesses are. With her help I am feeling a bit more in control of my body and life. There is still a long way to...
Georgia Donovan
Brenton and I have been in treatment for SIBO with Emma Sutherland. We both contracted SIBO overseas after ongoing dysbiosis and parasite problems. We looked malnourished, wer...
Monique Lyle
Emma has been treating me for a couple of years now and I am overjoyed that I found her. She has been helping me with my stress and hormonal imbalances. Emma’s extensive kno...
Aphrodite Ioannou

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