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Hi and welcome to Studio You, where I want YOU to get your mojo back!

Whether you feel as though you could benefit from natural therapy, you have little bodies that need gentle care, you’re trying to conceive, or you’re a mother striving to raise vibrant and healthy children, Studio You, is for you.

I’m Emma Sutherland a Naturopath, Author, Nutritionist and Herbalist among other things. It felt so right to pursue a career in naturopathy, which culminated in my qualification of a Bachelor of Science in Complementary Medicine in 2004.

I am a passionate women’s health advocate and proud mother. Motherhood is always a shared and enriching journey, however, challenges can come up for both yourself and your children along the way. This is something I know all too well, with my own health struggles as a mother affording me a unique window into the challenges of many of my clients.

Although I experienced an easy conception and truly wonderful pregnancy, the rest was quite the opposite. A breech baby, an unintended C-section, an inability to breastfeed, and a severe reflux baby, all followed by complete hormone debilitation.

My hormone levels were so low my blood tests showed I was menopausal, while the hot flushes and bone aching fatigue I experienced were debilitating. But, as a single mum without much help, I couldn’t simply push the stop button!

The resulting stress caused me terrible gut issues, leading me to the brink of coeliac disease, with tests results showing my immune system was going crazy, and my gut was severely inflamed.

All the while my daughter had a Strep gut, as well as food intolerances, and was highly reactive to chemicals.

Something had to change – it took 3 years of consistent naturopathy treatment and support to get the health of my daughter, Sophia, and my own health back on track.


What natural therapy taught me along the way is a protocol I now call the ‘Studio You Method’, which provides the foundation for good health. Without covering the five foundational pillars that uphold this protocol, optimal health and vitality is simply not possible.

As a naturopath, I am here to help, guide and support you towards your optimal health. I also believe, from personal experience, that naturopathic medicine can truly change your life for the better.

I look forward to sharing these experiences with you and seeing you soon at Studio You!

Emma Sutherland, Naturopath and Clinic Director


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