Losing weight is one thing but are you losing muscle or fat? After appearing as the Nutritionist on the hugely popular TV show Eat Yourself Sexy, I spent years working with women helping them to lose weight. But what I noticed is that women are often fixated with a number on the scales. That inner voice is always saying “I should be xx kilos” or “I have failed if I don’t reach my goal weight of xx kilos”.  

This led me to begin using TGA certified body composition tests to help women see that weight is not about the number on the scales. It’s about losing fat and maintaining, or even building, muscle. Often the scales will stay the same, but fat mass has decreased and so have measurements around the waist and thighs.

Current research shows 63% of Australians are overweight or obese. Did you know it’s estimated by 2025 more Australians will be obese, than a healthy weight!  Incredibly, obesity now causes more preventable deaths than smoking.

Research is very clear that weight loss reduces numerous chronic diseases as more weight is lost, the better the outcomes. Weight loss of 5.5% over 2.8 years reduces the risk of going from insulin resistant (pre-diabetes) to full-blown diabetes by 48%. This shows us the power and impact of weight loss – for an 80kg woman, a 5.5% weight loss is only 4.4kg.



  • You won’t feel hungry or hangry
  • You will be satisfied with what you eat
  • You will regulate your set point – the weight that your body keeps taking you back to. Read more about a set point in this fascinating blog by Nutritionist Sonya Reynolds
  • You will be with a group of like-minded people, all supporting and helping each other
  • You will have complete accountability during the 6-week program with weekly sessions
  • 3 body composition tests – one before you start, one halfway through and another at the end to measure your success
  • A complete recipe book with over 60 recipes
  • 3 Practitioner grade supplements to support gut health

Other weight loss programs may not have worked for you. We hear this all the time in the clinic!


  • You didn’t have the personalized support you needed
  • You lost motivation and interest
  • You didn’t receive the research-based education you needed
  • You counted calories until you lost interest
  • You didn’t have access to qualified naturopaths and nutritionists
  • The food you ate was tasteless and boring
  • There was no accountability
  • You were confused about what to eat and didn’t have clear guidelines

Our 6-week group program provides:

  • Accountability
  • Education
  • Motivation
  • Community
  • Consistency

Here are body composition stats from some of our clients:

Jenny, 36yrs old, lost 1.8kg pure fat while putting on 2.9kg of lean muscle:

Kate, 45yrs old, lost 4.5kg pure fat while putting on 1.3 kg of lean muscle:

Clarissa, 54yrs old, lost 3kg pure fat while putting on 1.9kg lean muscle:

What is our Exercise Protocol?

Contestants from The Biggest Loser were followed for 6 years after the show ended and then assessed for body composition. The contestants that continued to exercise were far less likely to put their weight back on, despite what they ate. As part of our Fat Loss Program, we encourage regular exercise as well as increasing incidental ways to burn more calories. We have quite a few tips and tricks in this area to share!


  • 6 weekly 60 minute small group based appointments (valued $990)
  • 3 x Body Composition tests (valued $180)
  • recipe book (valued $26)
  • Practitioner strength product to reduce inflammation in the gut (valued $99)
  • Practitioner strength product to support fat detoxification in the liver (valued $75)


*payment options available

WHAT IS our FOOD Protocol?

We have two options for you:

  • Low-fat – suited for those carrying weight on the hips and thighs, are vegetarian, have liver or gallbladder issues, are very active or have tried the Keto diet and it didn’t work.
  • Keto – suited for those carrying weight around the tummy, have insulin resistance or diabetes or get bloated with a higher carb diet.

If you are not sure which style of eating suits you, don’t worry because during the first session, we will help you to identify your eating style.


Each weekly session is led by Head Nutritionist, Sonya Reynolds

Time – Thursday 7pm-8pm, for 8 weeks in total

Next Group Intake –  call 9216 7600 for more information

One on One – if you can’t do a group program then one on ones are available, investment is $895

Investment – $695 all inclusive. Please note there may be additional supplements prescribed, these are not included in the price. 

Limitations – each group will have 10 people maximum

To Book your place – call 9216 7600

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