What does naturopathic medicine mean to you? At Studio You, we pride ourselves on breaking down the myths surrounding naturopathic medicine. All of our naturopaths hold a University level Bachelor of Health Science (or are currently completing it). While we do focus on natural remedies and natural health solutions, this is provided within an integrated framework of functional medicine. This means we identify the underlying cause of your symptoms, and address them using gentle and natural modalities, for lasting health. We will work collaboratively with your medical and allied health practitioners to create a team all working towards a common goal.


Far from distancing ourselves from conventional medicinal services, we incorporate a variety of functional medical tests to investigate each client. Using a scientific base, we can then tailor the most effective naturopathic services plan to suit you.

Our Naturopathic Services Vision

Our focus on natural health and holistic medicine is catered to you as an individual. We promote individually designed treatment plans, stress reduction toolsand naturopathic medicine that works with your body to get you back to full health.

At Studio You our team consists of only the the most experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about getting each client back to their best. With years of experience, Studio You is constantly evolving and adapting our naturopathic services, and ensuring we are meeting the needs of our clients regardless of their health concerns.

The Benefits Of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is the blending of naturopathy science and holistic medicine to find the root of an illness, and address it. Naturopathic medicine looks at the broader picture of an illness, focusing on the underlying drivers as well as the symptoms, to design a remedy that will treat the illness as a whole, not simply alleviate the symptoms. Our natural health professionals will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you deserve. 

Studio You is committed to providing you with a natural health service that is not only effective but safe and completely non-invasive. If you’re ready to reap the health rewards that come with advanced naturopathy, call today and speak to our friendly natural health professionals.

Are you ready to discover your pathway to health?

We recognise there are many drivers for your current state of health. Perhaps it’s your diet, your gut health or your exposure to chemicals. We usually find there is never one single thing making you feel unwell, it’s a complex combination of factors. 

We like to use the analogy of a tree – with the leaves representing your symptoms, and the roots are all the drivers of your health. At Studio You we always aim to find out the root cause of your health issues, as treating them results in vibrant, long-lasting health. We feel honoured to partner with you, educate you and support you all the way through your health journey.


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