Appointment Structure & Fees

How it works
  We aim to meet all of our client’s health and wellness needs with the highest level of care. Your health journey is an ongoing commitment and we are 100% on board with you! We have a proven Four step system that involves regular appointments, 2-4 weeks apart, to get you started. For our paediatric patients, this process is often fast-tracked and is condensed to a Three step system. We also offer Skype or phone appointments, except for the 2nd in-house testing appointment. We will assess your health and design a treatment program that ensures you reach your goals. Together we will put together a structured and detailed action plan outlining your short term and long term goals.
All new patients follow the below appointment structure. Both before and after your appointments, we spend time researching your health, reviewing your goals and finding the best options for you. This also involves communicating with your other health care providers, presenting your case to our Studio You practitioner board or writing reports. We do this because we practice the highest level of best practice procedures possible and take your health seriously. Partnering with us means we leave no stone unturned as we leverage cutting edge science and implement them into highly effective customised treatment plans.

VISIT 1:  Case Review Consultation (60 mins)

Your first visit involves a full case history, referrals to appropriate practitioners & recommendations for any pathology. You will receive a clear, written treatment plan that addresses your immediate concerns. Emma Sutherland, Naturopath: $180 Kelly Gibson, Naturopath: $150 Sandra Di Giacomo, Nutritionist: $120

VISIT 2:  Testing appointment (45 mins)

Approximately 1 week later, point of care testing occurs with weight, body measurements, zinc test, pH test, tongue analysis, full dietary analysis and specific questionnaires. Bio Impedance Analysis, a scientifically validated test that assesses the health of your cells and body composition may be included in this appointment if your practitioner is certified in this method. Emma Sutherland, Senior Naturopath: $145 (inclusive of VLA) Kelly Gibson, Naturopath: $120 Sandra Di Giacomo, Nutritionist: $70 (30 mins)

Visit 3:  Report of Findings (30 mins)

During your 3rd visit you’ll receive a full assessment of your pathology results, functional medicine test results, dietary changes and implementation of your full treatment protocol which takes into account underlying causes. In this report of findings you will receive a clear, written treatment plan that addresses both your short and long term goals. Emma Sutherland, Senior Naturopath: $95 Kelly Gibson, Naturopath: $80 Sandra Di Giacomo, Nutritionist: $70

VISIT 4: Follow-up visits (30 mins)

Follow up visits monitor your response to your treatment plan, tweak and adjust treatment depending on progress, test results or your responsiveness, order further tests and be your committed partner by offering accountability for your actions. Emma Sutherland, Senior Naturopath: $95 Kelly Gibson, Naturopath: $80 Sandra Di Giacomo, Nutritionist: $70

Additional Services and Testing for New Patients

Emma Sutherland, Senior Naturopath:  Acute $50 (15mins),  Fitgenes Genetic Profiling $330 Kelly Gibson, Naturopath:  Acute $50 (15mins),  Fitgenes Genetic Profiling $330 Sandra Di Giacomo, Nutritionist: Acute $35 (15 mins)

For all Skype and phone appointments, credit cards are placed on file as payment is processed at the end of your appointment.

Functional Medical Tests Available

  Here at Studio You we utilise many different tests in order to discover what is underlying your current state of health. We might refer you to a specialised functional medicine lab or to a standard pathology lab such as Laverty. Please see a list of our most common tests:

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis – a thorough assessment of your gut health, including both the good, and not so good bacteria. Cost from $140.00

8OHdG – a marker of DNA oxidative damage. Cost $100

Saliva cortisol testing – an easy saliva test to see how your body is coping with stress. Cost $130

Calprotectin – a screening test for inflammatory bowel disease. Cost $60

Estrogen Metabolism – to determine how your body is dealing with estrogen. Cost $160

Food Intolerance testing – over 96 foods are assessed to work out what your body is intolerant to. Cost $280

Intestinal Permeability – the most useful test to check for Leaky Gut. Cost $110

Osteoporosis test – the earliest marker for osteoporosis is a marker called NT Telopeptides. Detecting this early can provide ampe opportunity to address and prevent osteoporosis. Cost $120

Transglutaminase IgA – the earliest marker of the immune system reacting to gluten, detected before coeliac disease occurs. Cost $60

Zonulin – a test to determine if your gut is leaky and immune system reacting to gluten or gut dysbiosis. Cost $120

If you are interested in having a specific test done, please contact us to organise it.

or call 9216 7600

Can’t see the appointment time you want?

We are very proactive at managing our waiting lists – if you can’t find an online booking to suit you please send us an email to and include:

  • Your name
  • 3 possible appointment times/days
  • The practitioner’s name you wish to see

We will then place you on the waiting list and work to get back to you within 48 hours. We highly recommend that you still book an online appointment so you have it as a backup option.


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