I can’t thank Emma enough about how much I’ve learnt by observing her consultations.  Emma handles her clients with impressive clinical knowledge and there was a lot to learn from how she interacts with her clients as well. Emma runs her clinic and uses her time very effectively, which blew my mind.

But, at the same time, she made me re-think how I can utilise my time more effectively. I can say I’ve learned so much stuff I’ve never learnt from school from Emma. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Emma was an absolute godsend after months of ineffective medical treatment for a nasty parasite and stomach infection that I contracted whilst travelling. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge and support, and goes above and beyond the usual effort or confines of the clinic/consultation room.

Furthermore, her compassion and holistic approach to well-being means that we are always working toward achieving optimal health, not just isolating the initial problem. Emma has completely turned my health around, far beyond what I expected was possible and continues to be an amazing and valued influence.

Mecki Dent

I’ve had low energy and poor digestion for so long it just felt normal. I’d known Emma for years and trusted her level of expertise would help me finally get to the bottom of my on-going health issues. We were both amazed to learn from my test results that I had 5 different types of nasty bacteria in my gut. Emma put me on a 5 month program of first ‘bombing’ the bacteria to flush them out of my system, and then a new set of supplements to fill my gut with goodness. Along with dietary recommendations, she also offered holistic advice on managing my stress levels and improving my fitness.

The results – my digestion is finally back on track and I feel less bloated all the time. During my menstrual cycle my stomach used to swell up dramatically, now it barely bloats and my cramps are a lot less painful. My skin is looking smooth and I rarely get spots. I’m sleeping much better and this is the first time in a long while that I wake up feeling energised.

I love Emma’s approach – she attacks the issues from all angles and fully investigates what’s going on with a series of tests and follow up appointments. Thank you Emma for your support and guidance in getting my ‘Mojo’ back!

Joanna Mitchell

Before working with Emma I was mentally and physically exhausted…
I was eating healthy food the majority of the time, but was working too much, was stressed out and kept getting sick with colds, flus, sinusitis etc. and I knew something wasn’t right.
When I started to work with Emma she was incredibly supportive and understood exactly how I was feeling as she had seen it many times before…
After a few tests I was diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue which was hardly a surprise and in many ways I was glad to know what the problem was so we could find a solution.
Since working with Emma I cannot describe how much better I feel in almost every way.
I have learnt an incredible amount about myself and what I need to do to really look after my body.
Whilst it wasn’t the focus, in the process of getting my adrenals back on track, I have learnt a stack of new recipes, connected with her Studio You Cleanse community and lost 10% body fat!
I highly recommend Emma to anyone who wants to be and feel their best, as she draws on an amazing amount of knowledge and expertise and explains things in a down to earth practical way.
She is also realistic about modern life and understands the challenges it can create and partners with you to develop a wellness plan that will work for you to give you the results you are looking for.
I am incredibly grateful for Emma’s support – I just wish I’d started working with her sooner!
Shandra M

I first saw Emma for fertility and hormonal imbalances. She helped me through my pregnancy, supporting my nutrition and after having an amazing natural birth and very healthy little boy. She has also helped me get my body back in balance. I have my energy back and feeling great. I am grateful to have Emma help me through my health journey and inspiring me along the way.
Marissa Mills

Emma is always warm and approachable, and listens intently to your situation. She asks astute questions to clarify and then finds natural solutions to heal and improve. She has been of great help to my husband and I. We highly recommend her.
Sonja Ginter

Emma helped change my life – literally. I went to Emma after three years of no luck with Dr’s and specialists trying to work out what was wrong with me. My family even thought it was my imagination. What I loved about Emma’s approach is the lack of guess work – she referred me to an integrative GP for thorough testing and once the results were in, we were able to work together to manage my health issues. All under control and finally able to move on with my life – thank you Emma!
Anne Egan

Emma has opened my eyes to how my body works and what it’s weaknesses are. With her help I am feeling a bit more in control of my body and life. There is still a long way to go but I know with her guidance I’ll get there.
Georgia Donovan

Brenton and I have been in treatment for SIBO with Emma Sutherland. We both contracted SIBO overseas after ongoing dysbiosis and parasite problems. We looked malnourished, were terribly underweight and I had lost my period. After trying and failing for so long with different integrative forms of treatment, we believed we were never going to be cured.

Emma has quite literally been our miracle doctor! She, and she alone, has brought the symptoms under control and cleared the SIBO. Emma brings together the best (and sanest) mix of integrative medicine (including comprehensive testing, up-to-date studies, and connections with important international practitioners), nutrition and naturopathy.

She is one of the few Functional Medicine practitioners linked in with international SIBO researchers. Emma has been uniquely dedicated to getting us better – all we’ve had to do is obey her every command in terms of diet and supplementation.

We have been able to trust Emma with our hearts throughout treatment – she possesses an uncanny ability to judge real symptomology beneath those expressions of depression which go along with SIBO, and so can judge when it’s time to progress or to hold back. Anyone serious about fixing their gut problems must see Emma!

Monique Lyle

I have seen Emma over several years to improve my health and fertility. I have always come away inspired, challenged and supported towards living a more healthful live. Emma is an excellent listener, is understanding with her clients and her tonics, potions and remedies are amazing!
Renee Dixon

Thank you Emma for the generous sharing of your knowledge & educating me in such a positive, encouraging & fun way. I love how you do it & wish you every success as you go.
Bernadette Holland

Emma has been treating me for a couple of years now and I am overjoyed that I found her. She has been helping me with my stress and hormonal imbalances. Emma’s extensive knowledge and positive energy has greatly benefited me and my family. I always recommend Emma to all my friends and family as she has been a source of constant support and help.

Aphrodite Ioannou

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