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Meditation is a vital aspect of balanced mental and emotional health. However, our mental and emotional health is often overlooked and the hardships we experience are simply labelled as “a part of life.” It’s important that, when faced with situations that are difficult or overwhelming, you have the appropriate strategies and techniques to manage these feelings.

At Studio You, our mindfulness meditation for adults and meditation for children courses are specially designed to relax the mind, equip you with a calm resilience, and ensure no problem is too big for you to solve.

We offer two different meditation courses:

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Mindfulness Meditation for Adults – Zen Warrior

Dates – Please contact Alison directly

Time – 7pm – 8pm

Venue -Studio You, 135 Rowntree Street Birchgrove

Ph – 02 9216 7600

Cost – $160.00 for 4 weeks

Mindfulness meditation is a therapeutic form of meditation that allows you to develop self knowledge and wisdom. Our services specifically focus on allowing you to relax and recharge, as well as giving you the necessary techniques required to deal with stress. Our trained staff have over a decade of experience in delivering meditation practices that help improve the lives of our clients. We have endless desire to see every woman find the strength to overcome the challenges in their lives.

We all need time to take a break and unwind. Life moves so fast, sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but it is important we allow ourselves time to take stock, reflect and find ways to move forward in a manner that is stress-free. Whilst adults commonly face these situations in the workplace and in their personal lives, children are often faced with the same problems without the experience or tools to deal with it.

Alison has coached me for many years. In this time Alison has coached me through a number of areas of my life, including work, study, health and fitness issues.

Alison has a very calm approach and a non-directive style which allowed me to find my own way forward with changes I wanted to make in my life.Alison’s approach was at all times positive, supportive and constructive, whilst also challenging when necessary. Her coaching style is exceedingly professional and working with Alison has been a pleasure.

I would strongly recommend Alison to anyone that wants to make a genuine change to their lives.


I would like to thank you for introducing me to Mindfulness. Although I am a novice, through your course, I have already discovered some of the benefits of such a practice. Whenever possible, daily meditation has become routine and I am amazed how often I put Mindfulness into practice in my daily life. When I find myself rushed, stressed or worried, I can now calm myself with Mindfulness thoughts and breathing patterns – even my family have made comment that my stress levels have lowered. Recently at the dentist I transferred my thoughts from my mouth to my toes (your voice in my mind) and this definitely alleviated the discomfort of the procedure.

I am very grateful for not only what I have learnt in class but also for your notes for reference and recordings for meditation.


Alison Hutchens is a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) Teacher trained by the Gawler Foundation. Alison is also a registered Meditation teacher with the Meditation Association of Australia.

Meditation helps the body to heal faster as well as:

  • reducing stress & anxiety
  • helping with sleeping problems
  • creating a sense of calmness
  • improving the ability to focus
  • creating better creativity
  • creating more joy and happiness
  • attaining a healthier body and mind

I found the Zen Warrior course highly beneficial. Alison, our teacher had a calm and reassuring manner and was helpful and supportive.  Her instructions were easy to follow. Her kindness and compassion made everyone in the class feel welcome and at ease. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to enhance their wellbeing.



Mindfulness for Children + Teens – Zen Warriors


Dates – Please contact Alison directly

Time – 4pm-4.45pm (9-12yr olds) OR 5pm-6pm (for teenagers)

Venue – Studio You,135 Rowntree Street Birchgrove

Ph – 02 9216 7600

Cost – $80.00 for 4 wee

Learn powerful skills to help handle stress and the challenges of daily life- one step at a time. Improve your communication and transform difficult relationships. Awaken the wisdom that is already inside you!

Meditation for children can help alleviate the pressure of performing well in school, of making meaningful relationships, and trying to find their place in the world, all of which can weigh heavily on the mind of a child unequipped to deal with this stress. At Studio You, we stand alone in offering meditation practices designed to help children adapt and problem solve their way to a better and more care-free life. Ensuring little minds go forward with great health, confidence, and abilities.

Don’t let stress unravel your life. We all have to deal with what life throws at us but we also have the tools to deal with it the way we choose. Studio You has a strong focus on empowering you as an individual, injecting Mojo into every life, and as a center for mindfulness, helping you become the best you can be so you can relax and take hold of your life. If you, like countless other Australians, want to decrease the stress in your life, call Studio You now and let us help you take care of the rest.

9-12 year olds – Mindfulness is about learning to be fully present. Our 4-week ‘Zen Warrior’ Mindfulness course will help children develop the skills they need to maintain a healthy, happy mind. We would love to offer you a brief chat with Alison, prior to payment, to ensure that your child and Zen Warriors is the best fit. We want to make sure all our Zen Warriors have a fantastic time and come away with plenty of valuable skills. Please contact Alison directly on alison@studio-you.com.au to book at time.


  • Do you get stuck in your thoughts?
  • Do you get caught up in judgements and worry about the future or the past?
  • Do you react emotionally to things happening around you?
  • Would you like to improve your sleeping patterns?
  • Would you like to improve your concentration?
  • Would you like to perform better in exams?

The Zen Warrior program will present the basics of mindfulness in an easy to understand and playful way.


Our warriors will learn:

  • How to handle big emotions
  • Improve their ability concentrate
  • Explore their creativity
  • Acts of kindness
  • The power of the mind

Classes include simple meditations, fun activities and chats relevant to their feelings – all aimed at helping each child flourish naturally.

Your Warrior leading these sessions is Alison Hutchens. Alison is a registered Meditation Teacher with the Meditation Association of Australia. She has trained with the Gawler Foundation and has been practicing different types of meditation for 15+ years in Australia and in India.

Alison is passionate about using mindfulness to help children build their emotional resilience so they are better equipped to deal with the day to day stresses that life brings. Every child deserves to learn positive life skills so they can become the strongest and best version of themselves.

Read this feature Article on Alison’s kids classes – Can A Child Learn How to Meditate?

Places are limited, for further information on the Zen Warrior program or to express interest in programs for other age groups please email alison@studio-you.com.au

Listen to Kinderling Radio’s segment on Alison’s Zen Warriors classes, You will hear interviews with kids who have experienced our class, parents feedback and so much more. A must listen for every parent to get an inside perspecitve on these classes.

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My seven year old son loved learning to become a Zen Warrior, he now teaches me to count my breathes and the glitter jar sits proudly beside his bed and he shakes the jar whenever he has emotions he cant name or is feeling anxious. I’m grateful for the simple techniques and sound tracks that I know will support him as he grows and develops. THANK YOU!

Kylie, Birchgrove


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