Healthy Gut Happy Child Summit

Healthy Gut Happy Child Summit has gathered the global experts in supporting children's gut health to provide you with specific strategies, the most progressive cutting-edge science and experience-based wisdom so you know exactly what to do help your child thrive. I am thrilled to be part of this summit as it's a topic so close to my heart.

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A Parents Guide to Toddler Health and Vitality

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I am sure you will love my eBook Sophia Eats – A Parents Guide to Toddler Health and Vitality. 

This e-book is a result of everything I have learnt about toddlerhealth, both professionally and personally over the last few years. I studied paediatric nutrition, implemented all my food knowledge and spent many hours in the kitchen.

Included in my eBook, Sophia Eats;

  • 1

    Sophia and my favourite recipes, tried and tested and proven successful!

  • 2

    7 day diet diary template with portion suggestions

  • 3

    top 10 things nobody told you about being a parent

  • 4

    my top tips for fussy eaters and frustrated parents

  • 5

    top 8 nutrients for a growing toddler

  • 6

    5 food mistakes even smart parents make

  • 7

    how to become a food detective

  • 8

    is your toddler getting enough nutrition?

  • 9

    10 foods to ensure better behaviour

  • 10

    foods to help your toddler sleep

  • 11

    quick & healthy family breakfast ideas

  • 12

    my top 6 nutrients for toddlers – what is the research saying?

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Women’s health – including but not limited to hormone imbalances, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, adrenal depletion, menopause, fatigue, autoimmune conditions and anything else that may affect a woman throughout her lifetime.

Paediatrics – let it be said, we love babies and children to the moon and back! We can help your little one with poor immunity, gut issues such as reflux, constipation, food intolerances, ezcema and anything else that affects them. We treat children of all ages and sizes!

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