Allergy Reduction Program


A highly effective 6 week program to address allergies and intolerances.



Do you suffer from eczema, sinus or fatigue or bloating? Then you may be experiencing an allergy or have a reaction to something in your environment or your diet.

Which symptom picture are you?

Symptoms vary from person to person and can affect many body systems. You may experience symptoms in one body system only, or you may experience a variety of symptoms affecting different systems.

  • Head – itchy throat, itchy eyes, blocked ears, mouth ulcers, and dark circles under the eyes
  • Respiratory – sinus, postnasal drip, sneezing, runny nose, tight chest
  • Digestive – bad breath, bloating, gas, IBS
  • Skin – eczema, hives, dry, itchy skin
  • Mood – poor concentration, brain fog, anxiety
  • General – ongoing fatigue, poor energy, difficulty losing weight

There is no doubt gut health plays a crucial role in the development of allergies and intolerances. Over 70% of your immune system lies within your gut and research over the last decade has shown optimising gut health reduces allergy/intolerance symptoms.

Our Allergy Reduction Program is a 6-week program that targets both the symptoms and underlying causes of allergies. We work alongside you to identify aggravating food items and see you for regular consultations. These occur 1 week prior to the program starting, at the halfway point and again at the end of your program.

This program is suitable:

  • If you have an allergy or intolerance
  • If you suspect you have an allergy or intolerance
  • You are following a restricted diet and confused about what foods to eat
  • Haven’t been able to get any relief from your symptoms


  • Investment $595, value $695
  • Case specific Questionnaires
  • Online symptom tracker
  • 5 x Practitioner grade supplements
  • 3 x 30minute appts
  • Supportive material – food lists, lifestyle tips, environmental tips, email access to your practitioner
  • Advice on dietary recommendations
  • Advice on further testing options

Once purchased, we will be in touch to schedule your appointments with our experienced practitioners.


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