Fertility Made Easy

Here at Studio You, we have so many women asking us questions about their fertility – am I getting too old, am I eating foods that improve my chances of having a baby, am I having sex at the wrong time and missing that window of opportunity? These are just some of the issues that cause stress and anxiety to so many women. I have been working with couples in the area of fertility for over 12 years and every day we see the pain and frustration they feel.

I designed this program to assist as many couples as possible on their path to having a baby. I recognise that my clinic days are heavily booked and decided to make all my best resources available to everyone, no matter where you live! You will receive over 21 resources in total which will be conveniently delivered to your inbox every 2 days. These include:

  • Discover the top 10 conception myths
  • The 9 most important tips to promote fertility
  • 5 ways to tell if you are ovulating
  • Male fertility Superfoods
  • Female fertility Superfoods

This will enable you to digest the information and implement any changes before moving on to the next resource. Step by step you will improve your fertility and be assured that you are on track!

At the end of the course you will receive a VIP discount to see one of our highly experienced practitioners. Sometimes it makes the world of difference to your fertility journey to see a practitioner who can ensure you are maximising your chances of falling pregnant each month.




 I have seen Emma over several years to improve my health and fertility. I have always come away inspired, challenged and supported towards living a more healthful live. Emma is an excellent listener, is understanding and journeys with her clients and her tonics, potions and remedies are amazing. Renee Dixon

The most significant changes we have experienced from Emma’s program are that we gained a lot of energy and whilst we still needed IVF, our fertility had improved. We now have a beautiful baby boy through 1 cycle of IVF – the first embryo implanted N.Forway & B.Coudounellis

I first saw Emma for fertility and hormonal imbalances, she helped me through my pregnancy supporting my nutrition and after having an amazing natural birth and very healthy little boy she has helped me get my body back in balance and I have my energy back and feeling great . I am grateful to have Emma help me through my health journey and inspiring me along the way. Marissa Mills

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