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Australia has the highest rates of childhood eczema, asthma and food allergies in the Western world. With ear infections, coughs, colds and flus also common, it’s important to know how to reduce the risk of these illnesses as well as treat them holistically. We aim to strengthen and support the immune system, resulting in resilient and vibrant kids.

Find Out How To Reduce The Risk of Eczema by Almost 50%

A study published last month has showed astounding results for mums and bubs alike. The incidence of childhood eczema is high with almost one in five bubbas being affected. This can be debilitating and heart breaking but there is now proof that certain strains of probiotics can help. Read more

How to Prevent Eczema and Boost Respiratory Health in your Child

Previous research has shown that when certain strains of probiotics are given to pregnant women from 36 weeks and continued for 3 months after birth, their child’s risk of atopic conditions such as eczema and dermatitis is reduced by a massive 50%. Read more

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How to Easily Give Your Child a Supplement

I posted the blog article below nearly 18 months ago and wanted to update you. Over the last year Sophia has been through an extensive gut protocol as she had Strep gut, a parasite and consequently gut dysbiosis. This was causing her terrible constipation and no matter what she ate, her bowels weren’t getting better. After extensive stool testing with Bioscreen Medical we were able to identify her bacterial colony counts. And it was astounding – no Lactobacilli despite taking this probiotic every day! Read more

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