Key Message: Probiotics can reduce eczema

Action Point: Talk to your naturopath about the most suitable supplement for you

friendly bacteriaA study published last month has showed astounding results for mums and bubs alike. The incidence of childhood eczema is high with almost one in five bubbas being affected. This can be debilitating and heart breaking but there is now proof that certain strains of probiotics can help.

In this study, 415 pregnant women were divided into two groups. From 36 weeks of pregnancy until 12 weeks post birth, one group took a probiotic milk supplement while the others were given a placebo.

The researchers evaluated the children at six years of age and assessed them for eczema, asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, and atopic sensitisation. There was a statistically significant 52% decrease in the risk of eczema in the probiotic group.

I have written previously how probiotics can improve a childs immunity , and how they affect our health, and this study just adds to the evidence that probiotics can profoundly support and optimise so many aspects of our health.

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