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Healthy food staples every family needs in their kitchen

Kinderlings Kids Radio is family-friendly kids radio for children and their grown-ups and I was delighted to be invited on their show with Shevonne Hunt to discuss what healthy food staples every family needs in their pantry? Listen to the episode below and...

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Immune Health: From A-Zinc

Winter is well and truly here. It’s dark when many of us leave the house in the morning on our way to work, uni, or starting the morning school drop. Likewise, by the time many of us are wrapping up at the office (or the kitchen table!), or picking up the kids from...

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Feel Bloated but You Don’t Know Why? Find Out now

SIBO stands for small intestinal bowel overgrowth which we are seeing more and more frequently in the clinic. SIBO means the bacteria from the large intestine, or colon, migrates up into the small intestine and begins to create overgrowths. The most common symptom of...

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What is the Best Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser?

Award winning and with 5 star reviews since 2014, Squeakie's unique healing hand sanitizer serum contains no unlisted toxic denaturants or nasty chemicals and genuinely soothes and heals skin. Squeakie's all natural healing serum gel means that people who suffer from...

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Our Top 5 Winter Meal Swaps to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Winter weight is something that creeps up on you and makes it's presence known one day when you walk by a shopfront window. Winter has finally hit and the chilly mornings make it almost impossible to bounce out of bed. It’s time to crave carb-based comfort food and be...

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Sweet Dreams – Sleep Hacks for Hitting the Hay

Hacks for hitting the hay and slipping into a sound sleep It seems that chronic pain and sleep problems go hand-in-hand. When you have a night of little or poor sleep, you’re likely to feel more sensitive to pain the following day. Lack of sleep reduces your pain...

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Top 3 Nutrients to Boost Your Children’s Health This Winter

With Autumn well and truly here, lets take a look at some important nutrients for children and what food sources have the best nutritional profile, to get them through winter without sniffles & sneezes. Vitamin C This nutrient is essential for wound healing...

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Vitamin D vs The Flu Vaccine – Is There a Stand out Winner?

With the government promoting the flu vaccine and pharmacies offering it for the price of an entree at a restaurant, is there evidence for using the flu vaccination for flu prevention? And is there similar evidence available for humble vitamin D, a known immune...

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How to prevent isolation weight gain

If you’re anything like me, you may have experienced multiple moods and emotions during isolation. And comfort eating and overeating have definitely reared their ugly head early in isolation, and that’s ok. Now we have had time to adjust to this ‘new normal’, here are...

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What you need to know about COVID-19 if you are pregnant

Hot off the press the world talking about COIVD-19, the pneumonia-causing virus that was first reported as an outbreak in WuHan China at the end of 2019. Viruses are thought of as ‘molecular pirates or wizards’, as they are cunning and sneaky in the way they replicate...

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