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How To Prevent & Treat Urinary Tract Infections

How Common is a UTI? Urinary tract infections are 50 times more common in women than men and it's estimated that 20% of women are affected by UTI's at some time during their lives. Many of these women will also experience recurrent episodes of UTI throughout their...

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Find Out How To Reduce The Risk of Eczema by Almost 50%

Key Message: Probiotics can reduce eczema Action Point: Talk to your naturopath about the most suitable supplement for you A study published last month has showed astounding results for mums and bubs alike. The incidence of childhood eczema is high with almost one in...

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Nurture your baby: Nurture your microbiome

Key message: Gut health is an important factor in the wellbeing of mothers and their babies. Researchers have discovered that gut health starts as early as in the womb, and can be influenced by factors including diet during pregnancy, medicines given in the first few...

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Exactly How Does your Gut Health Affect your Fertility?

Gut health is a buzzword for a reason. Your gut is the largest neuron containing surface area inside your body and is constantly exposed to food and bacteria from the outside world. The gut is commonly known as “your second brain”. Consisting of a network of...

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Vaginal Seeding and Cesarean Section Delivery

The process of vaginal seeding is becoming a significant feature in some delivery rooms. The procedure currently involves incubating a piece of gauze in the mothers vagina prior to her c-section birth. Immediately after birth the baby’s mouth, face and body are...

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A Pain in the Butt? Inflammatory Bowel Disease 101

What is inflammatory bowel disease? IBD is a term used to describe conditions associated with chronic inflammation of the digestive system. It’s thought IBD is caused by immune system malfunction, and maybe more common in people with family history of the disease.  ...

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How to Stay Healthy through Winter

Winter is certainly not everyone’s favourite time of year. With colder days, longer nights and a higher prevalence of seasonal chills and sniffles, it’s a period during which many of us can end up feeling drained and worn out. However, a seasonal slump is not...

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5 Reasons Breastfeeding is a Nutritious Option for your Baby

Breastfeeding - how long should you breastfeed for? What are the benefits for my child? Not all women can breastfeed and this is OK too, there are alternatives for you and your child, to allow your baby to obtain rich nutrients to grow. Horta et al (2015) showed...

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How to Choose a Sunscreen for your Family

The weather is heating up and we are all heading outdoors to spend some time in the sun. However, with the skin cancer rate so high in Australia, we definitely need to be concerned with sun protection. Aside from covering up with sun safe clothing and seeking shade,...

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Our Favourite Cough Remedies

We would love to share with you some of our favourite herbs and nutrients we are using at the moment for this awful flu season. We are seeing many of our patients relapsing with acute infections not just once but up to three times! And the cough that is associated...

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