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Packing a Healthy School Lunch Box

With the start of another school year upon us, parents are preparing themselves for the routine task of making school lunches. And did you know that over a school year, parents will pack approximately 200 lunch boxes per child!! The lunch box dilemma begins. With a...

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Maximising and Maintaining the Health of Your Gut Bacteria

A recent presentation by Marla Cunningham, a leading naturopath, has shed some fascinating new light on the underground world of our gut microbiome. Here is a takeaway summary of all the need-to-know information that will help you to take better care of your friendly...

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Introducing the Omega 3 Index Score – What’s Yours?

Introducing the Omega 3 Index Score - What’s Yours?   Have you ever wondered if you are consuming enough of the essential Omega 3 fats? A survey of 12,000 Australians found that 80% of people were not meeting the recommended daily intake for these healthy, anti...

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Fluoride: A Dangerous Neurotoxin

Key Message: Fluoride is a dangerous neurotoxin Action Point: Install a high-quality water filter to help eliminate or reduce the amount of fluoride that you are exposed to on a daily basis Since the 1940’s, the introduction of fluoridation (the process of adding...

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Endometriosis and Your Body

Did you know that 5-15% of women at childbearing age worldwide are affected by endometriosis?   What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a condition where uterine tissue, or endometrium is ‘misplaced’ and grows in patches on sites outside of the uterus causing pain,...

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What’s Holding You Back From Reaching Your Weightloss Goals?

Weightloss is a complex area and involves many drivers such as inflammation, poor sleep and stress. Have you ever noticed that your body weight stays relatively stable - if not a little higher than what we feel is comfortable? Most people in clinic say to me “if I...

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How can I help my PMS symptoms?

What is PMS?   Most women suffer from some form of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) at some point in their cycle. But did you know that 8-20% of women seek medical help for these symptoms? You might hear people ask what PMS is or women discussing many different...

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Why is My Child So Tired – Part 2

Why is my child so tired all the time – Part 2 of 2 This is a second part of our series on the topic of why your child is so tired. In Part 1 we discussed  iron deficiency, food sensitivities, and refined sugar intake. Make sure you read Part 1 and don't miss out on...

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Keto for Epilepsy

How we used food as therapy for our daughter What first got me interested in Nutrition was that I really wanted to help people heal themselves and I never knew how much my knowledge would really come in to need for my family. My daughter was diagnosed with a sudden...

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Why is My Child So Tired – Part 1

Why is my child so tired all the time – Part I of II  Have you ever stopped to wonder why your child is rubbing their eyes so often? Complaining of being tired? Lack of energy, crying and not enthusiastic about the day?  Children become tired for a number of reasons....

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