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Protecting yourself in Poor Air Quality

With bush fires still burning across New South Wales, it's not surprising many of our patients are concerned about the poor air quality that is sweeping across the state, and other parts of Australia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is...

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Fight wrinkles with clinically trialled Collagen

Are you using moisturisers, serums and skin boosters and not getting any results, or at least the results you would hope? Does your skin still look tired and lack lustre? Have you heard of the saying ‘beauty starts from with in’? Currently ALL of my clients are raving...

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Enjoy this festive season without the side of guilt

It's that time of year again! The temperature is rising, the free dates in your calendar are a thing of the past, and there is a distinct sound of Christmas carols in the air. The festive season is a season overflowing with Christmas parties, celebratory lunches,...

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Your Optimal Diet for Acne

Did you know, if your parents suffered from acne, you are more likely to develop acne at some stage? During the ages of 11-30 years, up to 80% of people will be affected by acne. If both parents had acne, it’s more likely you will develop severe acne in your earlier,...

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Inflammation & Your Body

Did you know that chronic inflammation has been linked to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fertility and depression? The inflammatory response can be triggered by things such as chemicals, pollens, certain foods.  The immune system realizes there is...

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Get the scoop on Natural Sunscreens

After the last few days of beautiful weather I started thinking about how to protect my skin, yet still enjoy the sunshine. I love summer and feel so alive after a day at the beach, with the sand in my toes and sun on my face! So, to find out what a natural sunscreen...

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Beauty Starts with Breakfast (includes healthy skin recipe)

Having spent years in Holistic Beauty Therapy and Naturopathy, I can quite confidently say the usual culprit for tricky skin conditions can be found lurking deep inside the gut. Red inflamed skin is a reflection of what's happening inside your body. Conditions like...

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Packing a Healthy School Lunch Box

With the start of another school year upon us, parents are preparing themselves for the routine task of making school lunches. And did you know that over a school year, parents will pack approximately 200 lunch boxes per child!! The lunch box dilemma begins. With a...

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Maximising and Maintaining the Health of Your Gut Bacteria

A recent presentation by Marla Cunningham, a leading naturopath, has shed some fascinating new light on the underground world of our gut microbiome. Here is a takeaway summary of all the need-to-know information that will help you to take better care of your friendly...

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