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Is the Flu Vaccine the Only Option for you this Winter?

Is the Flu Vaccine the only option? With the government promoting the flu vaccine and pharmacies offering it for the price of an entree at a restaurant, is there evidence for using the flu vaccination for flu prevention? And is there similar evidence available for...

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Summer is a wonderful time of year. It's a time for gathering loved ones, creating new memories with family and having fun. To give you a boost of inspiration, we've listed some top summer fun activities for children and you to partake in that aren't only fun, but...

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Are There Toxic Oils in Your Kitchen?

Did you know that oils such as corn, rapeseed (source of canola oil), soybean, cottonseed, safflower seed oils were only introduced into the Western diet in the 1900s? And are these oils ok to use or are they toxic? These oils were originally byproducts of the soap...

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What is your Gut Flora doing while your Baby is Developing?

Did you know your gut composition changes from the time before you fall pregnant, to the third trimester of pregnancy? Your gut flora in the first trimester is similar to that of non-pregnant females. By the third trimester the gut flora becomes dysbiotic. A study by...

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A Test You Need to Know About for Hormonal Health

The Precision Analytical Dutch hormone test has an adrenal component, a sex hormone component, or a combination. Here I’m referring to the adrenal component. This is a test for HPA-D, which stands for hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction. In order to get...

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Research shows Chemicals can cause Early Menopause

What is an Endocrine Disrupting Chemical? An endocrine disrupting chemical is a chemical found outside the body that mimics or alters the endocrine (hormone) system and causes health problems in a person, their offspring and even future generations. Endocrine...

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Are you considering introducing a pet into family life? It can be a big step, and it can feel daunting if you have children. If you've been wondering if pets are actually good for children, then the good news is, yes they are! Discover the top five reasons why having...

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The Hidden Health Hazards in your Kitchen: Cookware to Avoid

Most of us spend a lot of money buying nutritious food. But when it comes to health and wellbeing, what we cook with is just as important as the food we eat.   The Perils of Non-stick Cookware Certain kinds of kitchenware can discharge toxic fumes and chemicals...

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Dirty Electricity – What is it and How do you Avoid it?

We are surrounded by electrical sources in our daily lives – power lines, substations, household electrical appliances and wiring. Electricity is an integral part of modern life. However, you may not be aware that researchers have demonstrated that radiation from...

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