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What you need to know about COVID-19 if you are pregnant

Hot off the press the world talking about COIVD-19, the pneumonia-causing virus that was first reported as an outbreak in WuHan China at the end of 2019. Viruses are thought of as ‘molecular pirates or wizards’, as they are cunning and sneaky in the way they replicate...

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Five Herbs for Stressed and Busy Mums

With school and day care closures upon us, we are at the epitome of juggling acts right now. Your to-do list may feel like it is never ending and free-time may begin to feel like a very distant memory! Luckily for us, another mother we know (Mother Nature) is one very...

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How your nervous system can suppress your immunity

Our bodies are amazing functioning machines. Did you know that when the body is faced with a challenge, it responds to this by turning on adaptive pathways until the challenge or threat has passed? These major stressors can trigger our ‘flight or fight’ response; some...

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Immune Boosting Soup Recipe

This delicious recipe is a regular staple in our household as it freezes well and makes a perfect quick lunch or light dinner. Food as Medicine Here's why the ingredients are perfect for immune boosting goodness: Chicken - perfect protein to support your production of...

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A Tagine to Boost Your Mood & Reduce your Inflammation

Turmeric, saffron & ginger chicken tagine with preserved lemons, Sicilian olives and zesty greens This is a classic Moroccan tagine dish that I have tweaked and added to in order to enhance its medicinal and nutritional properties. I love cooking food that...

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5 Natural Solutions for Period Cramps

(Originally published on the Nourished Natural Health blog) Every month, so many women suffer horrific period-related symptoms. If your mum/aunt/sister also grew up with painful periods, you were likely told this was “normal”. The truth is, while period pain is...

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How a low fibre diet can deplete your gut bacteria

Key Message Low fibre diets can lead to a decrease in gut bacteria which is vital to maintaining good health. Action Points Be mindful and make simple changes to your everyday life. Include high fibre foods to your diet such as oats, lentils, beans and spinach....

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6 foods to remove from your diet now

GLUTEN Putting the current “gluten free’ fad aside, I would definitely avoid Gluten, especially if you have an autoimmune condition. Research shows  gluten promotes the release of a compound called Zonulin, which regulates how permeable your gut lining is. Zonulin is...

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