Healthy summer snacks are key to keeping your child well nourished during holiday season. Young children need energy to help them grow, develop and reach their maximum potential. When children get hungry, not only does their behaviour and moods change but they can easily turn to quick unhealthy snacks to satisfy their needs.

With a little bit of planning, you can keep your child on track for a healthy summer with some healthy and tasty snacks to nibble on! A great way to get them onboard with the selections is to involve them in the planning.

Food has to be fun and tasty. Give them options. When they decide, it gives them a feeling of control and they are less likely to refuse eating.

It is important that the snack foods you provide are healthy, low in sugar, fat and salt. Being a role model and buying food that is healthy will go a long way in shaping your child’s relationship with food too.

Here are a few fast and easy ideas to get you started:

  1. Smoothies – these are perfect for the hot days ahead. Simply blend yoghurt, milk and fruit such as bananas and berries. They also make a great power breakfast in the morning. Get some silly straws to make them even more fun.
  2. Frozen fruit ( e.g oranges, bananas, watermelon and grapes)
  3. Cheese slices or cheese sticks either on their own or with crackers
  4. Homemade frozen yoghurt icy-poles. Blend natural yogurt and fruit, pour mixture into icy-pole moulds, freeze and enjoy. A great alternative to ice cream on those hot days.
  5. Carrot, zucchini or celery sticks combined with healthy dips such as mashed avocado or hommus (for very young kids, soften the vegetables)

TIP: Keep a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables that are clean and ready to eat on the kitchen table or at the front and centre of the fridge so the kids can see and reach it.

Sandra Di Giacomo Written by: Sandra Di Giacomo