Are you considering introducing a pet into family life? It can be a big step, and it can feel daunting if you have children. If you’ve been wondering if pets are actually good for children, then the good news is, yes they are! Discover the top five reasons why having a pet is actually good for your children’s health and development.

1. It helps with learning

Pets can help children with their learning and in particular, animals can help improve children’s reading skills. Research has shown that children who may be hesitant to read aloud at school feel more confident when reading to animals as they are considered a non-judgemental friend.

2. Teaches children responsibility

By giving children tasks associated with the care of the animal, such as cleaning out the rabbit hutch, or walking the dog, teaches children to be responsible, as well as giving them a sense of achievement. The task of looking after a pet will also help children to develop empathy for others.

3. It encourages a healthy lifestyle

Children have a tendency to feel lazy, but having a pet can help change that. From playing with the rabbit in the garden to walking the dog in the park, having a pet helps to encourage a healthy lifestyle for their young owners, encouraging them to head outdoors and run around.

4. It reduces loneliness

Children often experience a wide range of emotions, some in which they don’t yet know how to handle, including feelings of isolation or loneliness. Having a pet can help ward off these feelings by giving a companion to care for and play with.

5. It keeps the family bonding

When you have a pet it helps to build family bonds. This is because animals are often the core of the family activities. Whether it’s playing with the kitten in the garden or walking the dog in the park, these enjoyable but simple tasks allow simple yet effective family time and encourage communication with one another.

Perhaps now you’re ready to take a leap of faith and introduce a pet into the family.

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