How Phthalates Affect Fertility

How Phthalates Affect Fertility

Key Message: Exposure to BPA and phthalates can be harmful and could prevent couples from having children Action Point: There are steps you can take to limit your exposure to BPA and phthalates Most parents are aware that Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates can be...

My Top 10 Anti Bloating Foods

A few years ago, I did some filming in my role as brand ambassador for Wagner Health. Unfortunately at the same time I felt rather unwell so I turned to the power of foods to help me. My goal was to reduce inflammation and bloating caused by the viral infection. I...

The 6 Foods to Beat Inflammation

  Who would have thought you could eat your pain away?? Consuming foods that have anti-inflammatory actions can noticeably reduce or prevent the inflammation you’re experiencing. Inflammation is the body’s natural mechanism that is stimulated by our immune system...
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