Summer is a wonderful time of year. It’s a time for gathering loved ones, creating new memories with family and having fun. To give you a boost of inspiration, we’ve listed some top summer fun activities for children and you to partake in that aren’t only fun, but affordable too!

Head to a waterpark

Cool down from the summer heat with a trip to a waterpark for family fun with thrilling rides and calming pools. Family deals are often available if you search online and waterparks have something to entertain both adults and children, so it’s the perfect spot for family-friendly fun. If you don’t want to head to a waterpark, then go old-school with your own mini waterpark in the backyard. Purchase a blow-up swimming pool, play slip and slide, then finish off with a brilliant water fight!

Go camping

Camping is a cheap and cheerful activity that can be done at the local camping site or even in your backyard. The warm weather makes it a perfect excuse to bring a bbq into the day. Spend the day enjoying delicious food and playing fun games as a family, then when night falls, relax with some hot chocolate and stargaze.

Attend a fireworks show

From big cities to small towns, plenty of places offer free firework shows all throughout the summer. Find a wonderful display near you and watch the sky light up.

Take a trip to the zoo

Combine education and fun with an educational trip to the zoo. Australia is bursting with amazing zoos filled with fantastic animals. The children will love it (as will you!) Find a zoo close to you here.

Regardless of what activities you participate in this summer, make sure you have fun, create new memories and take lots of photographs!

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