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The results from my extensive survey found that:

34% of you have been on a diet with the aim of losing weight over 14 times!

Over 1/3 of you have yo-yo dieted at least 4 times and reached your goal weight only to put it all back on again!

I have seen that women often sabotage themselves emotionally when they are on a health journey and so I turned to Australian Bush Flower Essences.

My Weight Removal Drops have been formulated to help you resist any self sabotage and gain inner strength!

Comparable to meditation, the effects of Australian Bush Flower Essences are to release negative beliefs and emotions held in the subconscious and to find the courage, strength and commitment to achieve your goals.

My Weight Removal Drops are a tried and tested combination of these powerful essences and they are not only easy to take but safe and free of any side effects

Simply place 7 drops under your tongue morning and night for best results.


  • Monga waratah – helps you find your inner strength and will power and is especially useful for people with addictions to sugar and starchy carbs
  • Peach flowered tea tree – is perfect for when you run out of enthusiasm and motivation in your weight loss journey. Particularly useful for a “weight plateau” situation
  • Pink flannel flower – this essence increase your natural ‘joie de vivre” and helps you take delight in the little things in life
  • Silver princess – this essence gives you clarity on your life purpose, more motivation and a strong sense of direction
  • Southern Cross – to help shift you out of a victim mentality and into a positive aspect of personal power

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Please note – this product is not available outside Australia


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