When it comes to the school holidays, it can often feel daunting to find activities to do every day with your children and not leave them feeling bored. If you need a little inspiration, then check out this list of different affordable summer activities for you and your family!

1. Spend a day at the park

You don’t need to go to a theme park to have a good time (although it’s still an awesome option!), but a trip to the local park is just as good. Find a colourful playground and pack a picnic lunch alongside some games such as a football, or frisbee, and set off. You can spend the day having family fun in the sun.

2. Take a coastal walk

If you’re by the coast, or a drive away, then take advantage of a relaxing coastal family walk. As a suggestion, in Sydney, Bondi to Coogee boasts some spectacular views.

3. Build an arts and crafts table

You can’t go wrong with classic arts and crafts, and if you don’t mind spending a bit, you can buy fun materials such as cardboard, pipe wire, glue, buttons, colouring in pencils, and much more, then simply ask your children to create!

4. Go camping

Nothing bonds a family like a camping trip together. You don’t even have to go to a dedicated camping site, you could even make it a backyard affair. Pitch a tent or grab a table and lay a long cloth over it. You can camp during the day or stay inside at night.

5. Make an indoor obstacle course

Simple, yet very effective. Move the couches and grab all the pillows to build an obstacle course you can run around in.

6. Go stargazing

Head into the backyard and set up some blankets and lay yourself down to stare at the stars.

7. A trip to the movies

Take a family day out trip to see the latest release. There are often good discounts on during the holidays for family tickets and everyone can share some popcorn.

Choosing any of these ideas will be a great way to spread some smiles on the children’s faces this school holiday!

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