A few years ago, I did some filming in my role as brand ambassador for Wagner Health. Unfortunately at the same time I felt rather unwell so I turned to the power of foods to help me. My goal was to reduce inflammation and bloating caused by the viral infection. I checked the research and decided on a list of foods that were therapeutically placed to beat the bloat! Let me share them with you:

Peppermint tea – peppermint has a natural anti gas effect

Pineapple – contains bromelains, an enzyme that aids protein digestion

Watermelon – the high water content helps remove excess sodium

Ginger – nature’s best digestive aide

Cucumber – has quercetin, a bioflavonoid which reduces swelling

Banana – rich in potassium, which helps to offset excess sodium and high in vitamin B6, a natural diuretic

Papaya – papain enzymes break down protein in the gut, reducing fermentation of undigested food in the colon

Asparagus – natural diuretic and kidney tonic

Fennel – add seeds to your food as it relaxes gut spasms and allows gas to move through the colon

Avoid dairy – lactose intolerance is a sure fire way to feel bloated!

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