Sonya Reynolds

Do you need caffeine and sugar to give you energy?

Does your belly swell up as soon as you eat something ‘you shouldn’t have’?

Then perhaps you have a food intolerance.

When we eat foods our bodies can’t tolerate, it triggers an inflammatory process that starts in your digestive system and effects your body. Our microvilli (the fingerlike projections on your gut wall) can become damaged and as a result, we ABSORB less of our nutrients and sometimes end up with deficiencies in minerals, such as iron and zinc.

Malabsorption leads to enzyme deficiencies.

Iron and zinc are both crucial for the creation of enzymes which have important functions such as:

  1. Helping to break down our food.
  2. Assimilation of nutrients found in your diet.

If we don’t absorb enough iron and zinc, it’s harder to make digestive enzymes!

So, if you are reaching for more sugar or coffee for energy, your body may be lacking the nutrients to keep the battery that you are running on (your mitochondria) going.

One study found participants who removed IgG reactive foods lost on average 5.5kg in 3 months.

The top 10 most reactive foods in the study included mushroom (25%), pinto bean (28.3%), tomato (30.8%), kidney bean (36.7%), cheese (42.5%), egg (60%), wheat (65%), cow’s milk (66.7%), baker’s yeast (87.5%), and brewer’s yeast (94.2%).

If you think food intolerance could be an issue for you, we can do an IgG food intolerance test. This involves an easy finger prick blood test and assesses 96 different foods.

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