Sophia Eats Ebook – A Parents Guide to Toddler Health and Vitality


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Let it be said – I adore food beyond reason and have always had a huge passion for all things culinary. When I was pregnant I began thinking about how I could ensure my child also shared this passion. I simply couldn’t imagine raising a child who wouldn’t enjoy hours of cooking and meal times with me! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know that Sophia is, indeed, a prolific eater which brings me so much joy.

This e-book is a result of everything I have learnt about toddler health, both professionally and personally over the last few years. I studied paediatric nutrition, implemented all my food knowledge and spent many hours in the kitchen.

Included in my eBook, Sophia Eats;

  • Sophia and my favourite recipes, tried and tested and proven successful!
  • 7 day diet diary template with portion suggestions
  • top 10 things nobody told you about being a parent
  • my top tips for fussy eaters and frustrated parents
  • top 8 nutrients for a growing toddler
  • 5 food mistakes even smart parents make
  • how to become a food detective
  • is your toddler getting enough nutrition?
  • 10 foods to ensure better behaviour
  • foods to help your toddler sleep
  • quick & healthy family breakfast ideas
  • my top 6 nutrients for toddlers – what is the research saying?

I know you will enjoy Sophia Eats and I would love to hear your feedback!


What People are Saying:

“What a joy it was to read Sophia Eats on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I say “read” quite definitively, as this isn’t a standard toddler food cookbook that just has recipes and you flick through and never use again. It’s become a bible in our home; it’s beautifully written, informative and covers off any question you may have about your toddler in regard to nutrition. I particularly loved the section on foods to help your toddler sleep – genius! It’s a beautiful book, everything you’d expect from the lovely Emma Sutherland.” Stace, A Healthy Mum

“Totally inspired. Malena had grilled chicken, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and red cabbage salad for lunch today with a bone broth side! She also loved your banana chocolate ice cream that we made. She calls it magic fairy cream! Recommending it to everyone!”  Tracy, mum of Malena, 3

“God I wish Sophie Eats was around when I had toddlers. This book is full of top information, recipes and a general care factor. Emma is a mum on a mission to inspire other mums to make smart choices for their own children…because they are worth it! It makes so much sense to start your little ones off with great health. I truly believe Sophia Eats is the perfect investment to ensure your child eats well, develops healthy eating habits which means they love to eat real food, everyday! Love your work Emm” Tanya Winfield, The Additive Free Pantry

“Sophia Eats is a true testament to the nourishment as a mother and naturopath that Emma Sutherland provides to both her beautiful daughter Sophia, and to her clients and their children. I have met Sophia on many occasions and she is a shining, healthy, bright, curious little girl, with the most sparkling eyes. I cannot speak highly enough of the work of this amazing mum and the love she pours into all that she does.” Shakti Grace, The Holistic Chef


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