When you have a fussy eater it can often feel like a lot to contend with, but don’t worry, there are some tips that can help make mealtimes more bearable. Below we list some top tips for fussy eaters.

You often find most children go through a phase of fussy eating, so don’t worry yourself too much. It’s said around 90% of children go through at least one long period of fussy eating– so you’re not alone!

1. Introduce your fussy eater to as many foods as possible when young

It’s often the “fear of the unknown” that causes a little one to be a fussy eater, so if they’re aware of more foods from a younger age, then they’ll be more likely to try new foods, rather than having a restricted palette. You could even turn it into a fun game by blindfolding your child before getting them to try a new food and ask them to guess what it is.

2. Rewards can be motivational (but not bribes!)

Children love reward schemes and they can often work well with older children in the kitchen. Perhaps make use of a sticker chart, and give your child a sticker each time they try a new food. When they’ve collected a certain number of stickers you can give them a small prize.

3. Get your fussy eater involved in the kitchen

Most children love to cook and to just be involved in tasks such as cracking eggs or squeezing fresh orange juice is super exciting. It’s quite amazing at just how much simply being involved in the planning and preparation of a meal can encourage a child’s appetite.

Follow these simple, yet effective tips to help guide your child out of their fussy eating habits. Consistency is key and you’ll gradually see your child become more willing to try new foods.

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